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Epica music lyrics

Epica lyrics
There are at least two bands called Epica: 1. Epica is a symphonic metal band from The Netherlands, founded in 2003 by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever. The band currently consists of Simone Simons (vocals), Mark Jansen (guitars, vocals), Isaac Delahaye (guitar), Yves Huts (bass), Coen Janssen (keyboards, synthesiser), and Ariën van Weesenbeek (drums). They perform a blend of gothic metal and symphonic metal, with influences from power metal. In early 2002, Jansen left After Forever and began looking for musicians to start a new musical project, initially named Sahara Dust. In late 2002, the band recruited Helena Iren Michaelsen (former singer with Trail of Tears and singer with Imperia) ...
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Epica albums and songs lyrics

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Epica - The solace system lyrics
The solace system lyrics 
The solace system at The solace system at spotify
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The solace system lyrics
Epica - The holographic principle lyrics
The holographic principle lyrics 
The holographic principle at The holographic principle at wikipedia The holographic principle at spotify
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The holographic principle lyrics
Epica - The quantum enigma lyrics
The quantum enigma lyrics 
The quantum enigma at The quantum enigma at wikipedia
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The quantum enigma lyrics
Epica - Requiem for the indifferent lyrics
Requiem for the indifferent lyrics 
Requiem for the indifferent at wikipedia Requiem for the indifferent at spotify
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Requiem for the indifferent lyrics
Epica - Design Your Universe lyrics
Design Your Universe lyrics 
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Design Your Universe lyrics
Epica - The Divine Conspiracy lyrics
The Divine Conspiracy lyrics 
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The Divine Conspiracy lyrics
Epica - Consign To Oblivion lyrics
Consign To Oblivion lyrics 
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Consign To Oblivion lyrics
Epica - The Phantom Agony lyrics
The Phantom Agony lyrics 
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The Phantom Agony lyrics
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