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DragonForce music lyrics

DragonForce lyrics
DragonForce is a power metal band that was formed in 1999, from the remnants of black metal band Demoniac under the name of DragonHeart. However, the band soon changed its name to DragonForce before releasing any commercial albums due to possible commercial issues with Brazilian band DragonHeart. Their career began with publishing of songs on the first incarnation of, claiming the top of the site’s heavy metal charts. The hit song Valley Of The Damned reached over 500,000 downloads in the first few months. Despite this, two of the original members, Steve Williams and Steve Scott left the band to form power metal outfit Power Quest. The band has enjoyed increasing popularity over the years, publishing four albums and tou...
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DragonForce albums and songs lyrics

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DragonForce - Extreme power metal lyrics
Extreme power metal lyrics 
Extreme power metal at Extreme power metal at wikipedia Extreme power metal at spotify
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Extreme power metal lyrics
DragonForce - Reaching into infinity lyrics
Reaching into infinity lyrics 
Reaching into infinity at Reaching into infinity at wikipedia Reaching into infinity at spotify
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Reaching into infinity lyrics
DragonForce - Maximum overload lyrics
Maximum overload lyrics 
Maximum overload at Maximum overload at wikipedia Maximum overload at spotify
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Maximum overload lyrics
DragonForce - The power within lyrics
The power within lyrics 
The power within at wikipedia
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The power within lyrics
DragonForce - Ultra Beatdown lyrics
Ultra Beatdown lyrics 
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Ultra Beatdown lyrics
DragonForce - Inhuman Rampage lyrics
Inhuman Rampage lyrics 
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Inhuman Rampage lyrics
DragonForce - Sonic Firestorm lyrics
Sonic Firestorm lyrics 
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Sonic Firestorm lyrics
DragonForce - Valley Of The Damned lyrics
Valley Of The Damned lyrics 
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Valley Of The Damned lyrics
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