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American Head Charge music lyrics

American Head Charge lyrics
American Head Charge, the Minneapolis-based groove metal/alternative metal band, which had its genesis nine years ago when Martin Cock (then known as Cameron Heacock) and Chad Hanks (now known as Mr. H.C. Banks III) first crossed paths in a Minnesota rehab facility, has up to now been known primarily for the radically dysfunctional behavior of the band members. “We were definitely out of control on our first tour, Ozzfest 2001,” Mr. Banks admits. “It wasn’t enough to just play our music; we also had to fire shotguns on stage and throw pigheads at the crowd. Chalk it up to a desperate bid for attention.” The Head Charge rap sheet - which also includes getting into bloody brawls with their fans, smashing equi...
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American Head Charge - Tango umbrella lyrics
Tango umbrella lyrics 
Tango umbrella at Tango umbrella at spotify
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Tango umbrella lyrics
American Head Charge - The Feeding lyrics
The Feeding lyrics 
The Feeding at wikipedia
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The Feeding lyrics
1. Loyalty  
2. Pledge Allegianc  
3. Dirty  
4. Ridicule  
5. Take What I've Taken  
6. Leave Me Alone  
7. Walk Away  
8. Erratic  
9. Fiend  
10. Cowards  
11. To Be Me  
American Head Charge - The War Of Art lyrics
The War Of Art lyrics 
The War Of Art at wikipedia
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The War Of Art lyrics
American Head Charge - Trepanation lyrics
Trepanation lyrics 
Trepanation at Trepanation at wikipedia
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Trepanation lyrics
1. Reach and touch  
2. Different  
3. Seamless  
4. Fall  
5. Never get caught  
6. What  
7. When i failed  
8. Stature  
9. To taste acid  
10. Feel the courtain  
11. We believe  
12. Desertion  
13. Pushing the envelope  
14. Pretty face  
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