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Insurgentes lyrics - Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson - Insurgentes Lyrics
Steven Wilson (born Steven John Wilson on November 3, 1967, in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England) is a self-taught guitarist, producer, audio engineer, bass guitar and keyboard player (among other musical instruments). He is perhaps best known as the lead guitarist/singer and songwriter for progressive rock band Porcupine Tree, but his projects are numerous, including collaborations with Israeli superstar Aviv Geffen, Blackfield, long-running partnership with Tim Bowness, No-Man, and teaming up with Dirk Serries, Continuum, as well as his own solo projects Bass Communion and Incredible Expanding Mindfuck, and the albums Insurgentes and Grace for Drowning under his own name. In addition to his prolific musical output, he has a...
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1. "Harmony Korine" lyrics

Rain, come down, and fall forever
Drain, the dirt, into the wasteland
Pray, for sound, to quiet the howling

Feel, no shame, too brave
Feel, afraid, to wait forever

Kneel, to fade, the day's corrosion
Crawl, depart, towards perdition
Gray, the part, the bruise within you

Feel, no shame, too brave
Feel, afraid, to wait forever


Feel, no shame, too brave
Feel, afraid, to wait forever

2. "Abandoner" lyrics

The other half is somewhere else
A play in the dark
Whines like dogs

I am restless, I am lost
Time freezes up
Flawless eyes

The rope you used to tie yourself
Dreams enter planes
Scatter remains

I reach for you, belying your touch
Snow starts to glide
I confide

3. "Salvaging" lyrics

What was the point of making you trust?
You live in a lie, the pain in the dust

God always shouts, and you always kick
Through passionless hours, yeah you make me sick

Your secret is told, but the body rejected
Your smile's a question, but the end is expected

A truce is attained, excuses are given
Time to assess
Now the nails have been driven

Time to assess, now the nails have been driven (x2)

4. "Veneno Para Las Hadas" lyrics

When you're young, you're sleepin'
With the love you're feelin'
Waking up to evenin'
Check the pulse, you breathe in

Nothing left, just ember
Only we remember
A bottle not for sharin'
Poison for a fairy

5. "No Twilight Within The Courts Of The Sun" lyrics

Draggin' a lake
Find the owner of the voice
I zip in the bag
And drove all across the noise

Examine the hairline
His archives in the strands
He turned into something
That puts the weakness in my hands

I see what I suppose
I breathe what I dispose
Black wheels get yellow in the sand
I steal every idea that I can

(something something) shadows in the lake
(something) she (something) beside (something)
(something something) in a car
(something something) in the dark

6. "Significant Other" lyrics

Pullin' back from the precipice
Feel so small now, stars shine bright above
Don't know why
Receive a better life for a song
Can't but try, other leads apply

Lookin' up at tragic rush on underground
Birds will turn and fly
Don't know why
Passin' through the day, only child
Breathe a sigh, other leads apply

Raining all day, trying to reach you
Feel so helpless, can't stop counting time (but in)
Don't know why, hands (something) stealin' my heart
Graceful dives†, other leads apply* (rain down from the sky)

7. "Only Child" lyrics

A raven holding to narrow wrist*
Pull it tight
Clothes are torn and the body twists
A single light

The worse the struggle the more you fail
Strands fall down
The more you like it the more it hurts
Why stop now?

An only child
A winning smile
A killing trial

A broken rib and a bloody lip
All in hell*
The fire's gone and your pride is stripped
A private hell***

You never know why it is** this way
Leave here now
Live through this on another day*
Tonight sleep sound

An only child
A winning smile
A killing trial

8. "Twilight Coda" lyrics


9. "Get All You Deserve" lyrics

Open the car door slow
Don't think that you'll ever know my name
Get all that you deserve in this world

Love more than you can know
Have more than you'll ever need from me
Get all that you deserve in this world

Get all that you deserve
Get all that you deserve
Get all that you deserve

10. "Insurgentes" lyrics

Holy Mother of a simple one
When you smile at me you bring me down
You betray your thoughts
All your prayers to naught

Now out of death you speak in tongues
And out of breath your work is done
And your dream absolve
And your path dissolve

And your dream absolve
And your path dissolve

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last updated 2016-10-20

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