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Tomahawk music lyrics

Tomahawk lyrics
There is more than one artist going by the name Tomahawk 1) US Experimental Rock Band 2) Australian Emcee of Clandestien 3) Chinese Metal Band 4) UK Drum & Bass Producer 1) Tomahawk are an experimental/metal/alternative rock band from the United States. The band formed in 2000 when Fantômas, ex- Mr. Bungle and Faith No More singer Mike Patton and ex-The Jesus Lizard guitar player Duane Denison started swapping tapes with the intention of collaborating. Duane Denison then recruited ex-Helmet drummer John Stanier (currently playing also with Battles), while Mike Patton brought Melvins/Cows bass player Kevin Rutmanis into the fold. History In 2001 the band released their first LP, the self titled Tomahawk, produced by Joe Funde...
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Tomahawk albums and songs lyrics

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Tomahawk - Tonic immobility lyrics
Tonic immobility lyrics 
Tonic immobility at spotify
Tonic immobility lyrics
1. SHHH!  
2. Valentine shine  
3. Predators and scavengers  
4. Doomsday fatigue  
5. Business casual  
6. Tattoo zero  
7. Fatback  
8. Howlie  
9. Eureka  
10. Sidewinder  
11. Recoil  
12. Dog eat dog  
Tomahawk - Oddfellows lyrics
Oddfellows lyrics 
Oddfellows at Oddfellows at wikipedia Oddfellows at spotify
Oddfellows lyrics
Tomahawk - Anonymous lyrics
Anonymous lyrics 
Anonymous at wikipedia
Anonymous lyrics
Tomahawk - Mit gas lyrics
Mit gas lyrics 
Mit gas at Mit gas at wikipedia
Mit gas lyrics
Tomahawk - Tomahawk lyrics
Tomahawk lyrics 
Tomahawk at wikipedia
Tomahawk lyrics
1. Flashback  
2. 101 North  
3. Point And Click  
4. God Hates A Coward  
5. Pop 1  
6. Sweet Smell Of Success  
7. Sir Yes Sir  
8. Jockstrap  
9. Cul De Sac  
10. Malocchio  
11. Honeymoon  
12. Laredo  
13. Narcosis  
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