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Sonata Arctica music lyrics

Sonata Arctica lyrics
Sonata Arctica was formed in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. Originally formed as Tricky Beans, they released few demos and as they got the contract they had to change their name. In 1999 the band recorded a new demo “FullMoon” in Tico Tico Studios located in their hometown, Kemi. At the time of recording the line-up consisted of: Tony (vocals/keys), Jani (guitars), Tommy (drums), and Janne (bass). This new demo was the first exploration for the band in heavy metal waters. The band’s trademark sound of fast, melodic and keyboard oriented heavy metal with clear, high vocals was born. As fate would have it, and with help from Ahti Kortelainen of Tico Tico Studios, the “FullMoo...
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Sonata Arctica albums and songs lyrics

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