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Cut From The Stone lyrics - The Famine

The Famine - Cut From The Stone lyrics
With The Famine, what’s old is new again. Sort of. “The Famine is about the now and the future, not a long ago past,” says vocalist Chris McCaddon. “We’ve long since moved on [from Embodyment] and we’re concentrating on making new music.” The Southern-tinged, bitingly metallic The Raven And The Reaping is The Famine’s debut effort for Solid State Records. The Famine features three of the original members of the long defunct, yet fondly remembered band Embodyment, which formed over thirteen years ago. Clearly, vocalist Chris McCaddon, drummer Mark Garza, and guitarist Andy Godwin shared a musical bond unbroken by time, space, and circumstances. The members aren’t doing The Famine as a way to exhume Embodyment’s cor ...
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The Raven And The Reaping (2008)
1. "Scar The Earth"
2. "Behemoth"
3. "Consume, Devour, Repeat"
4. "The South Will Rise"
5. "Death Threat"
6. "Killing For Sport"
7. "Cut From The Stone"
8. "Ascend"
9. "Another Foot To Shovel"
10. "Unending Silence"
11. "Stiched In Plastic"
Cut From The Stone

Can you stand like a man?
Face the war and earn it
Blood for blood you heard it
This is what you're made of

Broken will, broken dreams
Grease the gears of the modern machine


The legend of man in flesh and blood
Built for war, cut from the stone
You want to walk the ground and claim it
Get in the trenches, you can't fake this

You want it? Come take it!

Talk the talk because talk is cheap
Bark with no bite, a dog with no teeth

Do what you say not what you wish
A coward's mouth met with a fist
Jaw of glass will be shattered

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