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Encased in ice lyrics - After The Burial

After The Burial - Encased in ice lyrics
After the Burial is an American metal band from White Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States formed in 2004. Minnesota’s After The Burial broke into the scene in 2004, bringing with them their own style of aggressive hardcore metal. With punishing rhythmic attacks and soaring duels, guitarists Trent Hafdahl and Justin Lowe’s approach on heavy metal shredding has been spreading throughout the underground metal scene like wildfire. Having completed tours with heavy hitters such as Disturbed, Killswitch Engage, Necrophagist, and Hatebreed, their genre transcending style of metal has captured the ears of heavy metal, hardcore, and death metal fans alike. With the release of their album “Rareform”, which showcases their ... more...
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In dreams (2010)
1. "My frailty"
2. "Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you"
3. "Pendulum"
4. "Bread crumbs & white stones"
5. "To carry you away"
6. "Sleeper"
7. "Promises kept"
8. "Encased in ice"
Encased in ice
I have been to the edge before,
at the end of the world,
but there is nothing for me
so I guess I'll just turn around.
I will follow my footsteps back home,
still the same as before,
but there is nothing for me
so I guess I'll just turn around.
Can't you see that I'm suffocating,
in a world that means nothing to me.
My only hope is disintegrating,
wishing someone could carry the weight for me.
Can't you see that the ends beginning,
in this life I've lost all I know.
Because hope is a word,
that I forgot was a feeling,
so please hold onto me and I won't let you go.
We are nothing more than memories.
I'll find the meaning inside this doubt,
I will see this through.
I'm frozen in time, encased in ice,
break me apart
so I can breathe again.

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