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Call of the zombie lyrics - Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie - Call of the zombie lyrics
Rob Zombie was born as Robert Cummings in Haverhill, Massachusetts on January 12, 1965. He was the former lead singer for the rock/metal group White Zombie, and later became a successful solo artist, disbanding the group after his first solo album, the 1998 release Hellbilly Deluxe, sold more in the first week than any of the band’s albums ever did. Remixes of some of its tracks were released on 1999’s American Made Music To Strip By, followed up by the studio release The Sinister Urge in 2001. In 2003 he made his directorial debut with the release of the film ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ to a lukewarm reception, though it garnered quite a cult-following. Its sequel, ‘The Devil’s Rejects,’ was r... more...
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Hellbilly deluxe (1998)
1. "Call of the zombie"
2. "Superbeast" Superbeast Youtube video included
3. "Dragula" Dragula Youtube video included
4. "Living dead girl" Living dead girl Youtube video included
5. "Perversion 99"
6. "Demonoid phenomenon"
7. "Spookshow baby" Spookshow baby Youtube video included
8. "How to make a monster"
9. "Meet the creeper"
10. "The ballad of resurrection Joe and whore"
11. "What lurks on channel X?"
12. "Return of the phantom stranger"
13. "The beginning of the end"
Call of the zombie
And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call
True pain and suffering he brought to them all
Away ran the children to hide in their beds,
for fear that the devil would chop off their heads

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last updated 2016-02-07

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