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Last man standing song lyrics - Steve Lukather music

Steve Lukather Last man standing lyrics
  • track 6 of 9, total running time 45:55
  • album Transition
  • released in January 21, 2013
  • produced by Steve Lukather, C. J. Vanston
  • record label Mascot Label Group
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Transition tracklist

2013 via Mascot Label Group

1. Judgement day
2. Creep motel
3. Once again
4. Right the wrong
5. Transition
6. Last man standing lyrics
7. Do i stand alone
8. Rest of the world
9. Smile

Last man standing lyrics

Waking up in a different life
A sea of strangers everywhere
How am i supposed to
Find my way back home
Trampling through the sands of time
Back to where i started
But somebody must've torn up the road
It's hard to face the truth alone
I'm searchin' for a kindered soul
To see an old friend's face
I'd give everything i own
The future's comin' down like rain
To wash away theese yesterdays
Feelin' stranded here
With nowhere else to go
And i won't' give up, and i won't give in
Even if i'm the Last Man Standing
On this lonley road
Full of sticks and stones
When my journey ends
Will i find out then
Is the end worth waiting for
Wish that i could know
Before the credits roll..
Show me the truth
Walking backwards through a crowd
No sense of direction now
I'm feeling like i've been here once before
The ghosts keep floating by my face
The future of the human race
As long as i can stay here I'll hang on
Inside the time and place that i belong

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check here the lyrics for Last man standing, the 6th song of the 9 recorded for the album Transition, with a total running time of 45:55, by Steve Lukather. It was released on January 21, 2013 via Mascot Label Group, and produced by Steve Lukather, C. J. Vanston.
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