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Finally song lyrics - Toni Braxton music

Toni Braxton Finally lyrics
  • track 9 of 10, total running time 40:00
  • album Libra
  • released in September 27, 2005
  • produced by
  • record label Background Records
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Libra tracklist

2005 via Background Records

1. Please
2. Trippin' (that's the way love works)
3. What's good
4. Take this ring
5. Midnite
6. I wanna be (your baby)
7. Sposed to be
8. Stupid
9. Finally lyrics
10. Shadowless

Finally lyrics

[First Verse]
Im used to
going "7 Whole Days" and not hearing from him
and im used to
him "Unbreaking My Heart" then breaking it again
im used to
him never really being "...Man Enough For Me" and always "Talking In His Sleep" but never talking bout me

[Pre Chorus]
Thought it was love
telling me all that pain
thought it was me and just couldnt please a man
just when i thought it wouldnt happen for me

Finally found someone to trust and finally found someone who listens to go out i found my fianlly
know im fiannly gettin it like i need it shorties tryna pull and reach him
oh so long i found my finally (finally)

[Second Verse]
Its you
your "Making Me High" and i dont wanna come down
its you
how many ways do i love you baby i lost count
its you
since you came i aint sang "Another Sad Love Song"
im finally "Breathin Again"
cause i know
where i belong

[Pre Chorus]
Its goatta Be love
The way that im felling
Its gotta be you
that kepps my heart beatin
when i couldnt see love for me


it almost like im dreamin
bout love
being in a movie story line
because of you i aint never going back
im where im sposed
you made sure that


im where im sposed to be

More info about Finally lyrics

check here the lyrics for Finally, the 9th song of the 10 recorded for the album Libra, with a total running time of 40:00, by Toni Braxton. It was released on September 27, 2005 via Background Records, and produced by
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