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Go to hell song lyrics - Megadeth music

Megadeth Go to hell lyrics
  • track 3 of 8, total running time 29:16
  • album Hidden treasures
  • released in July 18, 1995
  • produced by Max Norman, Dave Mustaine
  • record label Capitol
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Hidden treasures tracklist

1995 via Capitol

1. No more mr. nice guy
2. Breakpoint
3. Go to hell lyrics
4. Angry again
5. 99 ways to die
6. Paranoid
7. Diadems
8. Problems

Go to hell lyrics

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

I'm not going to wake up today
They've pulled my plug the picture fades
And as my body decays mold begins to fill my grave
The smell of death permeates the silk within my coffin lays
Go to hell

As they bury me now six feet there my body lies
Still feel like I'm going down I hear a distant wailing cry
God something must've gone wrong
And much too late I realize
Go to hell

I saw my funeral that day
I know who didn't show to mourn
My judgement was life in hell
Pillars of pain and thorns
My only friend's the goat
With 666 between his horns
Go to hell

Place all your trust here in me
Rest assured these things I know
And as Charon sails the sea
Your journey too shall end below
Ah yes you're all sitting ducks
It's true you reap what you sow
Go to hell

Now I lay me down to sleep
Blah, blah, blah my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I'll go to hell for heaven's sake

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check here the lyrics for Go to hell, the 3th song of the 8 recorded for the album Hidden treasures, with a total running time of 29:16, by Megadeth. It was released on July 18, 1995 via Capitol, and produced by Max Norman, Dave Mustaine.
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