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Children of cain song lyrics - Demons & Wizards music

Demons & Wizards Children of cain lyrics
  • track 11 of 11, total running time 65:08
  • album III
  • released in February 21, 2019
  • produced by
  • record label
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Children of cain lyrics

From the day of salvation
Into pure damnation
Old father Cain
Your mark, your sign
I've come to claim
It will make me invincible

Send me your messengers
Tell them I'm here
Let them redeem the contract
Oh, let them seal the past
Then they'll wipe away
What I still hear

My brother's blood cries on
The ravens they've come at last
Now scratch the ground seal the past
Your mark is mine

Three descend to your cave
But only one shall return
As a true child of Caine
There is only one solution to break free

I'll be invincible, I'll be the storm
Transcend to fire I will grow
Oh, precious moment of bliss
When I've overcome all inner fear

My sign you won't conceive
You better carry on
Bring me the younger one
The circle's incomplete

Predestined ways
Take this burden with pride
Oh father

In fact you may repent
That you have slain all innocence
This deed you may repent
Forever, and ever, we're one

No need to run
No need to hide
I am here to fulfill
Let the elimination begin
I shall arise
Arise, arise

Hallowed is the chosen one
Superior is what I've become
But I will move further on
Oh, I will move further on

Son, carry on
Son, carry on
Son, carry on

Lord I must walk alone
Lord I move further on

Embrace the morning
Child of Cain
A new dawn
Witness the dawning
A new age

They're in transition to a better world
Don't grieve, don't mourn
Don't worry at all
Don't worry no more
Don't grieve, don't mourn
But meanwhile move on
There's no need to mourn

Don't let regrets consume your soul
Haunt you forevermore
But I can't erase

The words of blood so clear
I can't believe it
Look what you have done
We just descend to the cave
Cause we're the children of Cain
You've murdered innocence here
You've murdered innocence here
Killed innocence here

This deed we must condemn
For you delete all innocence
No earthly punishment
You're banned from heaven's shore

How could you deceive?
These rites of old, your father's law
Can't control it
You can't control it
Dismiss the illusion
All mercy's denied
The mark's set upon you
You're no son of mine

I am falling
Oh, I am falling
We're living a lie
A lie
I am calling
Grace, I'm falling
A precious moment so bright
But it's now out of sight

Father, oh father
There's no redemption
For what I have done

To the light
I'm calling
To the light
I'm falling
To the light
I'm calling
To the light
We all have lived a lie

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check here the lyrics for Children of cain, the 11th song of the 11 recorded for the album III, with a total running time of 65:08, by Demons & Wizards. It was released on February 21, 2019 via , and produced by .
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