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Ocean Colour Scene music lyrics

Ocean Colour Scene lyrics
Ocean Colour Scene is an alternative rock band which formed in Birmingham, England in 1990. Currently, the band consists of Simon Fowler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Steve Cradock (guitar, organ), Andy Bennett (guitar), Tony Boylan (guitar), Dan Sealey (bass) and Oscar Harrison (drums). Founding bassist Damon Minchella left the band amicably in 2003. Falling between the energetic pop/rock of mod revival and the psychedelic experimentations of Traffic, Ocean Colour Scene came to be one of the leading bands of the traditionalist, post- Britpop of the mid-’90s. Although they had formed in Birmingham in 1990 and had several minor hits during the height of Madchester in the early ’90s, the band didn’t earn a large followin...
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