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The outer ones song lyrics - Revocation music

Revocation - The outer ones lyrics
  • track 5 of 9, total running time 48:25
  • album The outer ones
  • released in September 28, 2018
  • produced by Zeuss, Revocation
  • record label Metal Blade Records
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The outer ones
Seeping through cosmic rifts from realms beyond time
A presence malevolent
Arcane entities, lurking behind the veil
Of our meaningless existence

Within the blackest gulfs
At the center of ultimate madness
Lies the infernal dominion in which they dwell

Formless gods
Overlords of the void
Reigning in chaos eternal

Blasphemous tomes have spoken of unlighted chambers
Where maddening rhythms pulsate endlessly
Can you hear them now? The piping of discordant flutes
Forever shrieking in disharmony

Only fouls dare commune with them
Or to merely speak their forbidden names
For the torment they bring is immeasurable
Ageless horrors perverse and profane
last updated 2019-06-09
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