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Fathomless catacombs song lyrics - Revocation music

Revocation - Fathomless catacombs lyrics
  • track 4 of 9, total running time 48:25
  • album The outer ones
  • released in September 28, 2018
  • produced by Zeuss, Revocation
  • record label Metal Blade Records
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Fathomless catacombs
ass window pane
Three thieves make haste inside the halls
Below the altar lies an entrance to the crypts
Downward they proceed, their avarice will doom them all

Eerie clouds cut across the moon
Like razors through an eye
Descending ancient stairways
In search of where accursed treasures lie
Scouring tenebrous rooms
In frantic pursuit of the luminous tomb
The glow of their torches growing dim
Lost in underground chambers deep within

Faced by a maze of unknown pathways
Cryptic corridors on every side
Trapped within this never ending labyrinth
A foul presence lurks where the shadows hide

I see the light up ahead
The radiant vault is in sight
The thieves shamble onward
Through passages blacker than night

As their smoldering torches burn out
The glimmer ahead fades away
The luminous tomb 'twas
but a cursed mirage
Drawing them deeper and deeper
inside of the maze

[Solo: Davidson]

[Solo: Gargiulo]

Trapped forevermore
In fathomless catacombs
Three forsaken souls
Damned to roam in
darkness eternal
last updated 2019-06-09
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