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Witch trials song lyrics - Revocation music

Revocation - Witch trials lyrics
  • track 10 of 11, total running time
  • album Deathless
  • released in 2014
  • produced by
  • record label
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Witch trials
Paranoia, their leery whispers feed the hysteria,
Accusations, a vile covenant in service of Satan.
Forced to confess then condemned to die,
The vulgar Christians demanding a sacrifice,
To a God that never was and never will be... never will be!

A plea for sanity falls upon deafened ears,
A call for judgement as their execution draws near.
Sentenced to death, all twenty and eight,
Hung by their necks, a shallow grave their final resting place.

No salvation at the end of the hangman's noose,
No mercy for the coven of the cloven hoof.
He who refuses to confess to his crimes will meet a torturous end,
Pressed slowly to death under metal and stone, a dire fate for the condemned... for the condemned!


Malleus malficarum,
That foul and ancient tome.
Hammer of the witches,
Lost souls forever roam.

[Solo: Gargiulo]
[Solo: Davidson]

[Solo: Davidson]
last updated 2019-05-17
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