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Saul Williams music lyrics

Saul Williams lyrics
Saul Williams (Saul Stacey Williams) is an american musician and multidisciplinary artist, singer, song-writter, poet, actor, writer, mostly known for his work in poetry, rap and alternative hip hop works. Also is known for some lead roles in broadway musicals....
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Saul Williams albums and songs lyrics

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Saul Williams - Martyr loser king lyrics
Martyr loser king lyrics 
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Martyr loser king lyrics
Saul Williams - Volcanic sunlight lyrics
Volcanic sunlight lyrics 
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Volcanic sunlight lyrics
1. Look to the sun  
2. Patience  
3. Explain my heart  
4. Triumph  
5. Diagram  
6. Girls have more fun  
7. Give it up  
8. Dance  
9. Volcanic sunlight  
10. Rocket  
11. Fall up  
12. Innocence  
13. New day  
Saul Williams - Amethyst rock star lyrics
Amethyst rock star lyrics 
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Amethyst rock star lyrics
1. La la la  
2. Penny for a thought  
3. Robeson  
4. Tao of now  
5. Fearless  
6. Untimely meditations  
7. Om nia merican  
8. 1987  
9. Coded language  
10. Our father  
11. Wine  
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