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Foals music lyrics

Foals lyrics
Foals are a alternative rock band which framed in Oxford, England in 2005. The band comprises of Yannis Philippakis (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Smith (guitar), Walter Gervers (bass), Edwin Congreave (consoles) and Jack Bevan (drums). The band has discharged four collections: "Counteractants" (2008), "Add up to Life Forever" (2010), "Sacred Fire" (2013) and "What Went Down" (2015). The band was framed in 2005 by Philippakis and Bevan, both previous individuals from math shake band The Edmund Fitzgerald, and Andrew Mears of Youthmovies. Mears left the band after their first single to concentrate on Youthmovies.
In mid 2007, the band discharged the restricted release 7" singles Hummer and Mathletics, both delivered by Gareth Parton. In the mid year of 2007 Foals started taking a s ...
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Foals - What went down lyrics
What went down lyrics 
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What went down lyrics
Foals - Holy fire lyrics
Holy fire lyrics 
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Holy fire lyrics
1. Inhaler  
2. My number  
3. Bad habit  
4. Everytime  
5. Late night  
6. Out of the woods  
7. Milk & black spiders  
8. Providence  
9. Stepson  
10. Moon  
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