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Drowse song lyrics - Queen music

Queen - Drowse lyrics
  • track 9 of 10, total running time
  • album A Day At The Races
  • released in 1976
  • produced by
  • record label
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It's the sad - eyed, goodbye, yesterday moments I remember.
It's the bleak street, weak - kneed partings I recall.
It's the mistier mist
The hasier days
The brighter sun
And the easier lays
There's all the more reason for laughing and crying
When you're younger and life isn't too hard at all.

It's the fantastic drowse of the afternoon Sundays
That bored you to rages of tears
The unending pleadings, to waste all your good times
In thoughts of your middle ages years
It's a vertical hold, all the things that you're told
For the everyday hero at all turns to zero.
And there's all the more reason for living or dying
When you're young and your troubles are all very small

Out here on the street
We'd gather and meet
And scuff up the sidewarkwith endlessly restless feet
Half of the time
We'd broaden our minds
More in the poolhall than we did in schoolhall
With the downtown chewing-dum bums
Watching the nightlife, the lights and the fun.

Never wanted to be the boy next door,
Always thought I'd be something more,
But it ain't easy for downtown boy,
It ain't easy at all,
Thinkin' it right, doin' it wrong
It's easier from an armchair,
Waves of afternatives wast at my sleepiness,
Have my eggs poached for breakfast I guess.
last updated 2020-02-18
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